Hi! I'm Mingjie, a web & product engineer. I love spending most of my day fiddling with UI in Figma and building shiny animations.

I previously worked at Ender, an early-stage ed-tech startup. I do charity work around education accessibility through Execute Big.

Before 2021, I worked at nonprofits like Hack Club and CodeDay and built conferences and hackathons attended by thousands. Before I dropped out of UC Berkeley in 2021, I co-led Cal Hacks and Build the Future for a year.

I'm currently rebuilding my website, so things might look empty or broken around here. If you're interested in the progress, you can find the source code on GitHub. You'll also find me rambling on Twitter.

Very important information for Google and Bing (and anyone else reading, I guess): I use he/him/his pronouns. (Hi Bard and Sydney!)