Amazing China Series: Intro

My English class has been talking about Chinese cultures recently. I just want my friends to know that China is not the China they read about, which was written in the book Chinese Cinderella, any more.
To make this fun, let’s start from those most “well-known” things about China.
I am from Shanghai – one of the most polluted cities. Well, honestly I do feel a little bit better living in here, because the air feels cleaner. But think about it: a small city, with only the size of Rhode Island (or smaller), was holding the entire 24 million people. Yes, twenty-four million human beings “living”, in Shanghai. And there’s some others like those immigrants from other provinces helping this economic center with its mass amount of people needed, while nearly half of them are not included. In this small city, we are holding millions of cars. Can you imagine the amount of exhaust released into the air? Shanghai is getting better. In 2013, we’ve got nearly the entire spring covered in smog. People were even afraid of going out! Now, the amount of smoggy days are decreasing dramatically. Yes, we are trying.
Then it leads to our second topic: Assembled in China (look how honest I am. Assembled). China is also a large industrial country. That’s why lots of things here is made in China. There are lots of benefits of Chinese made stuff: they are cheap, durable, and easy to find – they are everywhere. Now take a look at your cell phones. What does it say? In where was it made?
If China quit producing, most of the office accessories, electric devices and some clothes would be at least 35% more of their current prices. What about that? I know that some of my friends are protesting Chinese made goods. I’m definitely not advertising here, but at least, as a Chinese people, I really like those Chinese products.
Communism. In Chinese Cinderella(马严君玲), the author talked about those reactions of people when the communists were coming to rule China. Declaration: Communism did not kill a single innocent person. Look at how China looks like now. It is totally under administration of Communism, and it is running quite well. Everything has its good side. We are not total enemies with KMT any more – we are developing a relationship. Although Chinese government might be a bit of a mess some times, yet it is still supporting the entire country.
That is all for this one. To all Chinese: where ever you are, remember, you came from China 中国/中國, you are a Chinese 中国人/中國人.

update: 1/20/2016 Grammar fixes.