Amazing China I

        I interviewed some of my classmates about their impression about China and Chinese people. I am not surprised to see the most common answers as

1, Good at math;
2, Pollution;
3, What indeed is the difference between China and Taiwan;
4, Industry (made in China);
5, Chinese Food is delicious! (Thank you)

        Why are Chinese people good at math? As people know, Chinese people are so good at math. Well, sadly, the truth is, it is not that the Chinese people are so smart – the Americans are a little bit left behind. One thing that I experienced the most after coming here is that the Americans are relying on machines so much! Whatever the math is, they are always using a calculator. There is an old saying in China that “if you don’t use your brain frequently, it would fail to develop itself.” I noticed that some of my Chinese-born friends seemed to be a little dumb after living here for some time. In order to not let my brain slow down, I tried my best not using calculators which were considered as “sick”. There, I have nothing to say.
        Industry. There are lots of different arguments about stuff “made in China”. I remembered that once on an event of a Chinese mobile phone company, Smartisan [CH: 锤子科技], they showed a very interesting interview that they did on foreigners (I mean, people that are not Chinese). They showed random people their new phone. Almost all of them had a fairly good impression on their new mobile phone, some of them even showed their interests on buying one. But as this brand new phone showed great quality, when asked about where they think the phone was designed in, most people focused on Japan, Korea, United States, and there were no guesses about China. More frustratingly, when mentioned this was actually created by a Chinese technology company, lots of doubts came out. “Is it durable?” “Why can a Chinese phone be sold up to $400?” I felt very bad after hearing those comments. Chinese is no longer a light industry built country. We will have our own high technology companies. We can make our products famous all over the world. We have those people. We can do this.
What is the relationship between China and Taiwan?
        Interestingly, most of my American friends show that in their memory, China and Taiwan are only two countries that were located very close to each other. In fact, there is a Wikipedia page explaining the relationship (I was surprised that it even had a formal name) – Cross-Strait relations.

Cross-Strait relations are the relations between mainland China and Taiwan, which are separated by the Taiwan Strait in the west Pacific Ocean, and in particular between their respective governments:
   the People’s Republic of China, abbreviated as PRC, commonly known as China, and
   the Republic of China, abbreviated as ROC, commonly known as Taiwan.
In 1949, with the Chinese Civil War turning decisively in the Communists’ (CPC) favor, the ROC government led by the Kuomintang (KMT) retreated to Taipei, in Taiwan, while the CPC proclaimed the PRC government in Beijing.

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I think it somehow explained it well. I’m not a politics expert but, what I knew was, the Chinese government is working hard on a reunion of Mainland and Taiwan. That’s all. Don’t ask.
All for today.