Codex. Gone.

It is always about money.
From here, I’m proud to announce that we have officially used up all the funds that we have raised during the May T-shirt sale. We’ve been spending them on getting different services, building relationship with different media and companies, and most importantly, learn. Personally I learnt a lot this year – I had my first web server, and I learned Linux there; I had my first domains, and I learned nameservers and hosting procedures there; I had my first blog, and I learned how to generate revenues from ads there. It’s a busy year for me, but I loved it. This is a sincere thank you to all who contributed – including all of you that are reading this blog.

It’s time to put things aside.
High school life is stressing me out. Outside school I have to take extra classes which literally killed all my spare time. I kept writing blogs and stories for media and myself, but I just cannot run an active team anymore. I was definitely expecting that. It’s a shame that we cannot run together anymore, and I appreciate every single one of you who helped.

Where will the projects go?
Codex does not have a lot of active projects. Plus will still be maintained and developed by me personally, with the help of the club I’m now planning to start in the US. Other small projects will be deprecated, and will leave as is on GitHub or wherever they were originally released. Not all servers will be still working, so I cannot guarantee the uptime of the small projects, including the VPNs. Credits will be given to those who had originally contributed.

There are some of our active sponsors who had been invited to enjoy our paid services. Sorry, those services, again, will not be guaranteed anymore. However, funds over $10 or the same international currency value has already been refunded if your coverage exceeds one month. Hope you can understand.

The Future
This is not about how Codex has been dismissed or disbanded. This is about a change. I am not running Codex as a public team anymore. I’m running it all by myself. That’s why a couple weeks ago I renamed it to Project Codex. For most of the project, I will be funding myself. So if you really liked my work, please generously disable the AdBlock on your browsers and click the ads on my pages. To see a lost of my masterpieces, please visit Projects by clicking the link or via the navigation menu on the top.

Thanks so much for being here.

Student, licensed open-source developer


  1. Domains. All projects will now be hosted under Old domains will still work until the next payment due, which will be next March.
  2. Migration. I’m still trying to migrate everything from Codex Studio to my server. Messy things will take a while, meanwhile please be patient.
  3. Donation. Donations are accepted, and will be used to support my projects. Please make donations to PayPal or WeChat/QQ: 2639476813. Thank you so much.
  4. Any issue regarding my projects or refunding, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via email: