Nextbit is the most ridiculous and irresponsible company I've ever seen

So everything started in January. I found out my phone (Nextbit Robin) is bent and the LCD is broken, so I asked for a warranty fix from Nextbit. I bought my phone on Amazon in November, and I’ve only been using it for 2 months.

I was granted a replacement, so I shipped the device back to the company at approximately 113. At first everything went well. But around Jan. 28, I reached out to them because I’ve never received any information about whether the device has been received, or processed. They company responded to me in the voice call (which I have a recording of) saying that I’m on the top of the list and it should be shipped back “soon”. I waited.

February 10–15. I contacted back, they were bought by Razer. They ended up telling me “since we are bought by Razer and our online store is already closed, we don’t have a device in hand”. When I asked when I can get the replacement phone, the representatives kept saying “we don’t know” and telling me to wait. I waited. AGAIN.

February 15–16. I tried to contact back. They told me the same exact thing and telling me it will be shipped “soon”. Well, soon, was already almost a month for me. So I decided to ask for a refund. However, they told me that the refund is not possible because they were bought by Razer and they cannot offer a refund out of their “refund policy”. The repeatedly said they are going to escalate my case to higher level but I kept talking to the same level of customer service, who did not know anything but telling me to wait. I waited for their response. NOTHING.

February 17. For the first time ever a representative named Breanna J actually sent me an email telling me that the phone will be shipped on Wednesday, which should be Feb. 22. I waited.

February 22. It was 9PM EST already and I still did not receive the tracking number. I chatted in, the customer service ended up telling me that the officer handling shipping issue is currently “out of the country” and his day might had not ended yet. I had no idea why that was an excuse but I let it go. I waited. 1 and a half months. I kept waiting.

February 25. I was completely out of my mind and kept asking for the refund if they could not ship me the phone. The same representative Breanna J who sent me the email of “Shipping Wednesday” started to tell me that they’ve been requesting for updates from higher departments and they were waiting too. The representative kept repeating the “key words” like a robot: refund policy, may be shipped no tracking number, we are waiting too, etc… I can’t wait any more.

I filed complaint to Federal Trade Commission and Better Business Bureau. At the same time, I would like to share my experience with the most I can reach out to on the internet. Such irresponsible company should not exist in the first place. Being bought by a bigger country does not mean that you can betray your customers, but it means that you should be grateful to finalize the trade with your original customers. I still don’t understand why a refund is not possible, as I purchased the phone at a cheaper price than the retail price they would need to refund less than the retail price. It is also faster — if they could refund me I won’t need to spend all these time dealing with customer service people, and they don’t have to deal with me anymore. What is so hard about refunding? Being bought by a bigger company is not an excuse for everything. It means you will have to handle more responsibility in the future, which in this case, you are not qualified for.

If the device is shipped, I need the tracking number now. If it is not shipped, you’ve broke your promise which makes privilege fall on my side. I can legally request for a refund because I have reasonable doubt that your company encroached my device and lied.

For your consideration. By the time I posted, they still haven’t reached out to me about tracking number yet.

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