Leadership: My view

Club leadership is important, and I know that people wanted office positions from the club because they thought it is going to look good on their college resume. I’ve been kind of holding people off from trying to convince me to give them a leadership position of the club. Here is my straightforward response. Not to someone in specific, but to all of you who asked.

I admit that one of the reasons that I created this club was that I need materials on my resume, too. But I don’t want to make a huge team of 50 people just to work on a club. I want my team to be as small as possible, so things can flow through faster and easier.

I remember a couple weeks ago I started to recruit leaders via “public voting”. This obviously did not work — voting might be a great way to select recruiters, but not secretaries or treasurers. I ended up almost yelling at the other leaders that I didn’t want to do elections anymore. Sometimes, directly telling people “I like you you can join the team” or “I don’t like you I can’t let you join” would increase the efficiency and remove all those issues that will probably come up next.

So, for those friends that had been asking me for leadership positions: yes I do have sole power deciding who’s officer and who’s not. But no, you are not going to get it just because you wanted to be one. I’m selfish, but I want to keep this club running smoothly. I pick people based on their personalities and I want a team that can work seamlessly without conflicts. You might be a great leader if you are on your own, but not with a team. However, you are always welcomed to join as a member and prove your leadership abilities.

I’m not the greatest leader ever. I make mistakes and when I make mistakes I will try to correct them. Officers can be removed, and I will remove some officers who had not been doing anything. I want to make the team focused. I want a team that works well with me. It is not my personal interest. You will notice the same thing if you are running the club — it is that no matter who you picked to join your team today are going to be the people that you are going to be working with for the next few months, or even a few years. I want the club to be strong. Without the club being successful, a plain title on your resume is not going to be worth anything.

I am not trying to offend anyone. Sorry, that’s all I can say.


P.S.: This is the second time in writing this because I accidentally deleted the draft after I finished it. I shorten it, but left the main paragraph unchanged. This is supposed to be coming out earlier but since the archive process took some time I had to pause writing for a month. Now I’m back.