Thinking again.

A through response to the huge conflict online between me and a friend.

First of all, I apologize to whoever I hurt in my words posted earlier today.

I just wanted to make things clear that no matter which side you stand on, we still live and learn in this school district. There are certain things that we cannot avoid, thus we have to face them with the right attitude.

To whoever I’ve attacked personally, sorry again. Here’s a clear rethought of my point of view, I hope this will help you understand my statements.

  1. Yes. I agree that we have to feel sorry for any individual, and any family who’s been hurt in this incident. And I also agree that whoever committed this crime must be punished.

  2. No. I do not agree that we have the [responsibility] to help them. I’m NOT stating that we [should not] help them. In fact, it is absolutely true that we are one school district that has to help each other; however, technically you are not really associated with this particular issue. You may be able to help to volunteer in other humane programs, other programs protecting minor rights and child abuse etc., but in this particular case, you can not help a lot. You might be able to raise funds to help the victim, but it has already happened. We have to focus on “is this going to happen again” instead of “why has this happened”. Of course, it is important that we have to bring charges against the rapists, but most importantly, we have to prevent this tragedy to happen again in the future.

  3. Yes. I totally agree that there are currently no public issues more important than this case. And I totally understand that the county has a lot to do, no matter it is going to be dealing with the victim, the schools, or the criminals. But speaking of our point of view, what is more, relevant to us is what makes more sense. That’s why when you watch all kinds of election campaign speeches, they always mention what matters the most to the people. Wi-Fi may not be an issue to you, but it is definitely something for at least half of the students at the school since the school already has a poor cellular data connection.

  4. You might be interested in public interest programs. But some people may not be. Don’t try to force your interest onto other people. Let’s make it right: there is nothing wrong for not doing anything about this issue. That’s what most students will do — keep themselves updated and be quiet. I certainly respect your courage to offer your own time and effort to help, but please, don’t make it sound like if people don’t help, they will be considered “cold-hearted”.

We are both “politically thinking” people. Things always have two dimensions; so does politics. We don’t need to start a war on this. I wrote this entire thing not to overstate the issue, but to clarify things that may harm both of us. I do not expect a response from you, but please think about the entire argument again. Are you, maybe, overstating things?

I do not need a positive answer to that.

Apologize again. Hope this will help cleaning things up.

— Mingjie Jiang

P.S.: I purposely made that post private so we don’t need to look back into it. Get over it.