15th birthday, 3rd year blogging

I’m fifteen!

I renewed my domain for another year a couple days ago, which marked the start of my third year blogging. My platforms changed: I started with Tumblr, soon turned to self-built WordPress, then Ghost (on Node.js), back to WordPress, and eventually, about a month ago, I think my skills are enough to start blogging with Jekyll. What I have been blogging also changed: I started with random things, like school life, daily, etc., and then turned to the cultural differences between China and the United States since I moved. Soon I ran out of topics, so I started a couple months blogging about programming and technology targeted materials, and eventually, I’m here blogging mostly about social issues, or politics.

Some of you said I am complaining about everything I can possibly complain about. That is possibly true because the point of my blog is to get people thinking instead of blindly agree with things.

I don’t update very often because instead of sending out tons of articles and get some more ad revenue, I tried to keep my blog clean and worth reading.

I’ve had time working with the media. But I didn’t like it, since on the media your ideas are exposed to the general public and, as most of you know, I can’t really handle criticism well. And sometimes there are just people trying to attack you on whatever you are writing, and that hurts authors a lot. By writing on my own blog, I still get money via ad revenue, subscription, and donation, and I can "choose" audiences – those who are not interested in your article won’t even click in here, and I have some degree of control over my own blog, for example, comments.

Most bloggers and media editors I know try to keep their articles unbiased, as they think it will be fair to most audiences and thus will get fewer critics. But so far that hasn’t worked, because the fact is that there will always be people that hate whatever you are writing, and they will find a way to attack you no matter what.

So what’s the point of keeping things unbiased? Why not go on one side of the story, and try to explain the story well from that perspective?

I know I sound drunk writing this… I’m expecting people to get used to my drunk writing style.

Thanks to all those who sent their wishes!